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Or in this case, Web-savy Mothers, as well as other talented design and programming professionals.
    MotherMedia is a small design shop located just outside the Houston city limits. By maintaining a small office, overhead is kept to a minimum. By calling on the expertise of independent talent, MotherMedia can more efficiently distribute the many tasks required for each project. Our clients benefit from the results: an experienced team capable of delivering professional Web services at reasonable costs.  

Carolyn Vasisko
Educated at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Carolyn began her corporate life as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry. Her experience led her to foreign lands, through corporate jungles, and to the realms of outerspace where she worked on several NASA space science projects. For added adventure, she took a job at a small construction company where she expanded her project management duties from outerspace to underground where she encountered the oil industry. In 1996, her life took an amazing turn-around, as motherhood rescued her from the droning life in an office cubicle. Among the many wonderful events of that year, she embarked on her new career as a Web designer. In 1998 she founded MotherMedia. Carolyn remains very involved in the many facets of each project, and is personally committed to fostering friendships with the wonderful clients of MotherMedia.

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