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The process of developing a successful Web site begins with a committment to support the development of the site, a plan that carefully lays out the site's goals and objectives, and an appropriate budget and schedule.
  The site comes to life during the conceptual design phase. The final design is then constructed and posted online. Followng launch, efforts continue with the upkeep of the site.  

At MotherMedia, we are there to guide you every step of the way:

It is imperative that each new online endeavor undergo the same planning tactics that apply to offline endeavors. Some of the questions that should be addressed prior to commencing work on your site are as follows:

* What is the purpose of your site?
* Who is your target market?
* Who in your organization is responsible for overseeing the site?
* Will you train your staff to construct/maintain your site or hire a professional?
* What are your competitors doing online?
* What content will you include, and does any of that already exist in printed materials?

MotherMedia can assist you in your efforts to clearly define the constraints and requirements of your site. The MotherMedia Web Site Planning Kit is available to help you focus your thoughts and materials in order to more effectively proceed.

With a plan in place, the project progresses to the conceptual phase. Issues that influence the site design are evaluated and factored into the design concepts. These issues may include:

* What do your competitor's sites look like?
* What is the tone of the site?
* What branding issues must be incoporated/adhered to?
* What sites, pertinent or not, are appealing?

Design concepts are created and reviewed with the client and feedback is incorporated into the selected design.

After the site construction and testing have occured, the site is ready for launch. Before doing so, a launch strategy can be developed together with MotherMedia. This strategy is based on the following:

* How saturated is the market, on and offline, for your product/service?
* How can you directly reach your potential customers on and offline?
* Will your budget support intensive PR efforts?

Unlike print advertising where the final print of a marketing piece completes the project, the effort required to produce an effective Web site doesn't stop when the site goes "live" on the Web. The site must be maintained. Feedback should be incorporated, timely features should be updated, and product/service updates should be posted.

MotherMedia will continue to support your efforts to maintain your site. Training and custom programming are also available to assist staff with maintenance tasks should in-house maintenance be desired.

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