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MotherMedia has brought many sites online over the past few years, and in doing so, has established successful working relationships with the clients involved. A sampling of some of those clients and their sites are shown below:

  Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut
2000 National Diocesan Convention
Best Web Site Award
(logo and original site design)
a USA Today
Hot Site of the Day

Virtual Community Sites:

(Note: These 3 sites are ready and awaiting "launch")

Real Estate:


Todd Cole Realty, LLC

Beth Nelson, Coldwell Banker


Warm Biscuit Bedding Co.
(Partnership with BlueKite Design Communications)



Summit Funding Group, Inc.


New Media:  

BarbWired LLC


John Grier Construction Co.


Professional Services: Professional Letter Writing Service
(Partnership with BlueKite Design Communications)
  The Divine Healing Mission at the Oratory of the Little Way

St. John's Episcopal Church

Local Community Projects:  
  Kent Chamber of Commerce, Kent, CT


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